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Ashley Snyder

the GIRL


I am Ashley Snyder, Founder & Owner of Ashley Lauren Design Studio: A creative design and marketing business servicing clients nationwide. I’m so incredibly excited to meet you!

I am Missouri bred, Kansas trained, and happily adopted by Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m a believer first, wife second, mommy to our pup, Frank and a designer.

I started this blog in college after discovering a few different bloggers (and, really, what blogging was in the first place) while sitting in the Interior Design studio for hours upon hours. You see, I didn’t exactly grow up in the arts. My entire family is very creative in a lot of different outlets. My mom does the scrapbooking, bead-making, jewelry designing thing, while my dad builds custom guitars and restores old radios and amps. My brother, though, just did sports. But he was good at that too.

Needless to say, I’ve always loved creativity, but didn’t realize my burning passion for it until my Sophomore year of college when I transferred to a new University and they were all like, ‘You have to have a minor with your current major (Early Childhood Education).’ And, I was all like, ‘Fine, I guess I’ll take Interior Design.’ Little did I know, my world was about to change. I ended up completing my Early Childhood Education degree and majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Construction Management. One summer I was bored and decided to take a course on Graphic Design, fell in love, now I do that too.

My “aha” moment in discovering design as something I truly excelled at and loved was in Studio I. We were learning the basics of hand-drafting and were working on a 2-d perspective drawing and rendering and I just remember thinking…”My brain is telling my hand exactly what I want it to do.” It sounds bizarre, and like it’s not really a big deal, but in that moment, I realized this was something more.

I currently spend my time running and creative directing Ashley Lauren Design Studio. This blog was originally created as another way to market myself, and journal various adventures as a 21 year old, happily married, college student (more on that here and here). I’m excited to say it has recently turned into so much more, covering anything and everything from: daily devotionals, current movements in design, graphics/interiors, DIY, travel, food, style and all things life.

In our free time, my husband, Jacob and I love to explore all things outdoors whether it’s camping in our Wildernest, canoeing, or road-tripping. Literally, if it’s outside, we’re there.

Now I want to know about you. Talk to me!

Ashley Lauren Design Studio

the BLOG

Ashley Lauren Design Studio was created in 2014 out of Ash’s insane passion for all things design + business. It is her creative house where she showcases the current movements for design, interiors, DIY, travel, kids, food and all things life.

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