So, that’s a pretty bold title. How exactly does it make you feel when I say, “black ceilings?” Does it make you shrug your shoulders, tilt your head to the side in confusion, or perhaps, make your face cringe in agonizing pain? Whatever the reaction may be, let me assure you the positivity and insane beauty that comes from painting ceilings black. It’s bold, but beautiful. Kind of like Katherine Kelly on the classic soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” But then again, it’s absolutely nothing like that. Make sense? I know, right?

Check. It. Out. This is Cal’s room, (which I know you’ve been familiar with lately) and I have to say, it would not look the same without the ceiling painted the way it is. The black draws your eye up to the lovely feathered chandelier, and inspirational quote that makes every little girl’s dreams come true. Not only that, but it accentuates the height of the ceiling, making the room feel much larger.

Still unsure? Let’s see how other designers are doing it.

Ahh, it really is a sigh of relief. Or maybe like a breath of fresh air. Like those times when you were little and you held your breath underwater for too long and then jumped up out of the water, finally getting that first wave of air back into your lungs. Dramatic? Yes. It’s a big deal! Your ceilings don’t have to be white anymore! There’s plenty of room for elegance, classiness AND playfulness within these spaces.

What do you think? Would this work in your space?

Let us know!


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