I teach art at an elementary school and after I have a great day at work I usually reflect on why it went so well. There are 5 fundamental items that are essential for me to have a great day.

1) I pray for my principals, the students, their families and the staff on my drive to school. Sometimes I pray the entire drive.

2) I read scripture. The You Version app is awesome and typically has a chunk of scripture perfect for filling my heart with God’s power.

3) I revisit scripture throughout my day.

4) I smile. It sets a tone and really does make me feel better.

5) I ask the holy spirit to give me opportunities to love my students and staff like they have never been loved before. When I get the opportunity I ask God to speak through me and give me clarity.

I do not have a 100% success rate on any of these items, but I am still constantly trying to get better at each and every one of them. I have realized that a good day at work has very little to do with the circumstances around me, and has almost everything to do with the heart that is within me. I have to prepare my heart and maintain the spiritual health of my heart all day. It really does make a difference.