I know I’ve previously (obsessively) talked about the art of mood-boards and the benefits they offer, not only as a designer, but also through delivery to the client (like, seriously, here – here – and here). It truly allows a distinct visual to the applicant so they can best picture the direction their space is headed. It’s an easy way to say, “yes, I love it,” or “let’s tweak it here and here.” Not only does it provide the optic they need to see their space come together, it gives them confidence and reassurance of the direction they wanted to head in the first place.

I hear a lot of times, “I just can’t picture it in the space,” or “I don’t know if I can successfully mix this style with this.” You want the best of both worlds, I get it.

For example, you may want the hot mid-century mod, but you’re like “well, crap, I really love the minimalism that industrial design brings, but then you’re all like, what about stark-white color palette with eclectic-California accents??” The struggle is real, people, and I’m here to tell you – I have a solution. Ahem, the mood-board.

Create one, or get one created for you. Talk to an educated designer on how to best get you the “look” you so desire to have in your home (I would LOVE to help you!). I promise it will get you on track to where you want to go with your space. Plus, there’s no guarantees. You aren’t going out and buying a bunch of high-dollar items, slapping yourself in the face for picking the wrong thing (or not measuring your space before buying the 100″ sofa) and then turning around and having to ship it back/return it. I’m telling you, this saves you time and money (and heartache, and gas, and ER bills, and tears, and sweat, and headaches, and….). You get it?

I said it once and I’ll say it again, there is power in a mood-board.

Talk to me, people. I’m here for you!