Life right now is a little weird; Insanely blessed, but just different. Weekends are actually something that I don’t necessarily look forward to as much as the beginning of the week. However, there are highlights to the weekends with Jacob & I. For instance, we get our Saturday morning waffles together, and we get our Sunday morning road trip to Church time together (my personal favorite). These moments are much needed after a crazy school week, but weekends are still filled with work. You know, that job sort of thing. We are so thankful with the jobs that we have, and we would never take them for granted. But, sometimes, it’s just rough not having that break, that one free day to look forward to. We communicate about it often and we both know this is just a temporary position. We won’t be in school forever, and we won’t have to work weekends forever (thank goodness). So, for now, we are enjoying these small lazy mornings that we have together and not taking a single second for granted!

People say, “just wait until you get into the real world,” but honestly, we go to school in the morning and then straight work until 10-11 in the evening. I don’t see how we could possibly be any busier in the “real” world. I feel like we are already in it! What are your thoughts on this?

Relax this weekend, drink an extra cup o’ joe & enjoy those sweet moments this weekend!


Photo by: Erynn Christine Photography