Hello from Pittsburg, Kansas!

We are officially back home, settling in, which basically means trying to make our house smell less like a musty cabin and more like a home. It’s a great feeling 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, Jacob and I moved to Tulsa for 6 weeks of the summer to fulfill our internships through school. We were both blessed with amazing opportunities. Jacob worked for Evans Enterprises, while I worked as an assistant for Kara Paslay Designs. We kept our house here in Pittsburg while we were away and ended up staying with the greatest family in the world in the Tulsa area. (If you guys are reading, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!)

We are excited to be back home, but can’t help not reflecting on our fun times in Tulsa. Here are some pictures from our adventures!

Guthrie Green – Food truck Wednesday!

Experienced Retro Den Tulsa. Amazing.

Mani/Pedi, of course.

Good food + coffee. Always.

Celebrated Jacob’s 21st birthday!


Hardest working guy I know…

First day on the job with KPD!

Woke up in Dallas as a 22 year-old!

My best friend’s wedding!

Photo by: Erynn Christine Photography Photo by: Erynn Christine Photography

Experienced Old Crow Awesome (Medicine) Show

Lake days = Favorite days

Fun free days to swim, tour & eat!

Had a job interview that will forever be a blessing.

Picked up a side job with Tana Weber of Weber Design. Amazing experience that I will forever cherish. Tana is crazy impressive. She’s done it all, folks!

Last but certainly not least, I experienced what head lice looks like through a microscope.


There was not a single dull moment through our experience in t-town. Feel free to follow along & see more on my instagram feed: @ashleylaurensnyder

So excited to see what the rest of the summer brings us!