I just realized how long it’s been seen I’ve talked “life” on here. Blogging is hard…No, wait, consistent blogging is hard. I greatly admire people who can keep constant content flowing. And not just content, great content. Huge difference.

Some of my favorites to follow are designlovefest, Emily Henderson (duh), and, well, that’s really my two go-to’s. I think I even cried a couple summer’s ago because I didn’t understand why I still wasn’t working for Emily Henderson. Someday, Emily, some. day.

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted this post.

Here’s what I mean:

-Graduated in May with a Bachelor’s of Interior Design, Bachelor’s of Early Childhood Education and a minor in Construction Management from Pittsburg State University.

-Ashley Lauren Design Studio became an LLC.

-Became an aunt all over again. TWICE. (Within the first two weeks of June)

-Took a trip to Colorado with great friends.

-Turned 23 on the 23rd.

-Celebrated 3 years of marriage!

-Hosted pretty dinners.

-Celebrated many many birthdays.

-Enjoyed evenings out with loved ones and friends.

-Squeezed our puppy Frank over and over and over.

-Started to take Ashley Lauren Design Studio to the next level by providing marketing and design services. Not only can the studio provide you with a new home or office space, it can also create all your branding and promotional items to best represent you/your company while strategically maintaining your social media networks to keep you growing. We’ll throw some art in there, too. Yes, we really can do it all.

See more work here!  See more work here!

Well, maybe not everything…yet… 😉

There’s so many more things that have been exciting, crazy, hard, maddening, joyful and (insert any other adjective) since I’ve last posted.

I’m really excited. Life is so good (remember, it is what you make it). Thank you for reading. Thank you for being a part of my life. It truly means more to me than you know. I can’t wait to share the things coming up for Ashley Lauren Design Studio and life in general.

How have you guys been? What exciting, crazy, hard, maddening, joyful things are going on in your life?  Let’s share in our joys and encourage in our sorrows!

Love you guys,