So, here’s the deal…

I’ve literally sat on this blog post for the past two days, and was writing all about how the blogging world is shifting. For many bloggers, it really is, (read more about that here) and as I was writing about the “shift” and how it applied to me, I started to realize more and more that it really didn’t.

It doesn’t apply to me because I’ve tried my hardest to stay true to my objective from the beginning and that is, to bring more of Jesus into the art + design world (see my first blog post here!). (Ps. not trying to discredit any other bloggers out there that are shifting, I’m just so new to the game that I haven’t gone through that wave.)

By doing so, this was and is to be a place to share my heart, scripture, inspiration, art and design projects, photography, friendships and much more.

So, I guess the only shift for me is that I want to do more. I want to share more of my work and the processes behind it…why/how did I come up with that piece? What’s the motive behind layering your rugs? Where do you go for inspiration and why?

I figured this image would be a great first example. I spent hours this week creating this collage. I really love it. Everything in this collage was inspired by the Sculpture Center. I found the image of the woman sitting on the bench, put myself in her shoes to try and understand what she must have been thinking and her face immediately screamed, “I can do more.” So, I started with placing the image of the women in photoshop, and then added the type. I kept scrolling through their feed and pulling things out that inspired me most. Then, I tweaked it into various shapes and forms to create a comprehensive layout. It’s almost like a branded image of what the Sculpture Center is all about. No words necessary. That’s pretty cool! 

I recently asked you guys on instagram and facebook what you wanted to see from ALDS (thank you so much for the feedback!) and a lot of the responses were ALL OF IT! You seem to like the interior and graphic design projects, art and heart.

I can’t argue with that!

I’m ready to take it a step further and share the “why” and “how” so that you gain inspiration, appreciation, motivation and much more! Are you excited?

So, here’s to keeping on doing what I’m doing…but, better!  🙂

Thanks, guys!