There are obviously tons of things to consider when going to a job interview. For me, my first thoughts are “WHAT in the world will I wear?” I quickly go through my closet in my head, search Pinterest for ideas, and then raid my set until it is completely empty and I’m happy with my final selection.

Sometimes this takes weeks, and then other times miracles happen and you realize you’ve put together a killer outfit in less than ten minutes.

I have recently been blessed with a few different job interviews for summer internship opportunities, and this has been my go-to outfit almost every time. It’s playful, comfortable, yet professional and 100% me.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right pieces for your next big account:

1. Your audience

Is this a personal application through a creative field where you apply your spunk & personality through your wardrobe? Or perhaps, it is strictly business and you need to come across as a strong asset to the company through a classy two piece suit. Research as much as you can about the core values of the company and that will help narrow down your vision for the perfect outfit.

2. Your style

While you want to keep it professional and targeted towards your audience, you still have to have fun and be true to yourself. Comfort is key. Keep it you so that you are confident enough to reflect yourself in a positive manner and make your light shine for that corporation.

This will also help you keep your smile on, which is your prettiest accessory anyway because it comes from the heart.

3. Perfect fit

No interviewee likes to listen to those large bangles clink back and forth as you anxiously make several hand movements to prove how awesome you are. Please, just leave the bangles and charm bracelets at home so you don’t end up feeling like Franny Fine off of the 90’s sitcom The Nanny (I’m not sure why bangles make me think of her). Grab a watch, and a few simple rings to accent your cute dangled earrings instead.

Also, make sure the outfit fits you just the way you like so you don’t have to tug at your stuff while communicating your strengths and weaknesses to your future employer.

Now, look in the mirror, take pictures, twirl around if you have to! Just relax, head to your future job & kill it with your future boss. You’ve got this.

They say, “blondes have fun, brunettes get stuff done.” I say, blondes do both 🙂

Once you are finished, throw yourself a party, fist pump the air several times, or run until you can’t run anymore because YOU DID IT!

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Photographer: Erynn Christine Photography