So, there happens to be a super spunky 5-year-old-baseball-playing-Curious-George-lover who is getting a super fun hands-on scoreboard in his room! It’s going to be like the greatest magical getaway space for any 5 year old in all the lands.

His mom presented the idea that her little cutie, Jaxon,  is coo-coo for baseball. More specifically, with a particular scene in the movie, Curious George Plays Ball where George switches the numbers on the scoreboard when each team scores a run. Naturally, it was obvious what needed to be made. Jaxon needed to have his very own scoreboard so that he, too, could switch the numbers himself, just like his friend George!

Here’s what it looks like in the movie:

Here’s what I designed:

The design has a unique vintage flare without completely getting rid of the baseball aesthetic. It will be created with a CNC machine using walnut wood to give it that aged/rustic look that will stick around for decades. There will be pegs on the tops of the boxes (and by the ball, strike, out) so that Jaxon can hang the numbers however his little heart desires. There will be several numbers that will also be routed out to keep the overall look in-tune.

Keep your eye out for updates on this soon-to-be completed project!


Designed by: me

Art Direction: Kara Paslay

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