Your day job just got cuter and comfier…

No longer are you forced to kick your heels off under your desk, or strive to reach the keyboard while awkwardly being held back by your shoulder-straining blouse.

This blazer jacket and long-sleeved top is designed to fit loosely, yet comfortably, without losing the structure that makes it so appealing. These pieces can individually be styled in so many different ways. The jacket alone could easily go with anything else in your wardrobe. The shirt could be styled in many ways, whether it’s tucked in a fuscia pencil skirt or untucked with a pair of blue jeans and booties. These are the staple pieces I strive to have in my closet. You know, the ones that go with everything…

And, can we talk about those cute little merlot pumps for a second? Pretty adorable, and just the right height and thickness in the heel to confidently strut your inner girlboss.

What do you think? This is a stretch for me. The pop of color in the heel isn’t typically something I gravitate towards, but with the compliment of the mustard top, I think it keeps it fresh and fun.

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in collaboration with: sophie

photos by: lydia christine

hair by: alyssa sentlinger

art direction + makeup by: shaylea brown

location: 12eightyone Studio