Ah, the art of the mood board. It’s safe to say, there is power in a mood board; At least for me. I don’t know what it is but it completely stimulates the right side of my brain. For me, this visionary side of the brain is like a constant itch that needs to be scratched. There’s no satisfying it 100%. The itch will always come back, sometimes more severe than others. That’s when things get done. That’s when things really get creatively created. Maybe for some it’s after your morning coffee kicks in, or that sugar rush you get after chugging a vitamin water. (Is that just me?) I love that feeling too. Pretty much the same thing.

Ergo, when I design a mood board, it’s like a literal sigh of relief just like the one you get when you dig your fingernail into a bug bite. Same. Exact. Thing. Gross, but true. It’s all of my thoughts flowing through that half of my cranium and shooting out my hands to finally (hopefully) form something beautiful. And what a relief it is when there is a finished product. Whew.

It may be obvious, but I must say this is how my day has gone today. The craving of the mood board was so real from the moment I woke up this morning. Indeed, it’s more than just the mood board. It’s the idea that all of my creative thoughts, colors, furniture, design inspirations, etc. – are no longer floating in space, but finally coming together so I can physically picture how it looks all at once. I both get inspired by it and move forward with the design process of creating a physical product, or it leads me to other thoughts on where to head next with the design. Both way, I’ve created something for the day and the itch has subsided…for now. 🙂

xo – ash

(artwork designed for CGA Architects)