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Picture of Jacob and Ashley for Ashley Lauren

THE WEEKEND: Christmas!


Truth is, I took my camera to Joplin to get AMAZING Christmas pictures, and I didn’t even turn my camera on. It’s terrible, but it’s also awesome because I was really just in. the. moment. It was so nice to…

Christmas Desktop Download

desktop download / christmas!


I am so excited to start bringing you FREE, monthly, desktop downloads! This month, Abby Jo gets us into the holiday spirit (if we aren’t already) with five beautiful wallpapers for your screens. Download away! Currently, I have “Merry &…

Moodboard for your Adventurous Husband

11 Gifts for Your Adventurous Husband


There’s no doubt this has Jacob written all over it. He even helped me create this, which was fun (and probably the reason it’s so accurate). To be honest, Jacob and I don’t really do gifts for each other over…