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Devotional Blog

Maximize Your Potential: Engage Others


“There’s an old saying that if you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you can be sure he didn’t get there by himself. I don’t know of many successful people who aren’t like the turtle. They’ve taken…

Image of Our Trip to Charleston by Ashley Lauren

The Spark


“God uses people with passion and plans to spark great things, especially when those people remember that it was God who sparked a great thing in them to start.” Do you find yourself asking, “God, why me?” Maybe we need…

Image of Sailboat Styled Shoot

Unleashing Heaven


“When you have Jesus living in you, you have everything you need to rise above the trials of life and become the person you were created to be in God. Refuse to be reduced by your fears, restricted by your…

Image of Sailboat Styled Shoot

Faith by Itself Isn’t Enough


Today, God showed me James, chapter 2. The timing is so right, I had to share. -ash James 2 NLT POVERTY AND GENEROSITY A Warning against Prejudice “My dear brothers and sisters, how can you claim to have faith in…