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Image of KMV cabin by Ashley Lauren Design Studio

Oklahoma Getaway


Our sweet family/friends invited us to a little three-day getaway in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma. We’re staying in the most perfect Kiamichi Mountain Villa in Smithville. I highly recommend this location if you want the best views, hiking trails…

Image of Thunderbird Berry Farm, Tulsa by Ashley Lauren Design Studio

Thunderbird Berry Farm


I recently took a trip with some of our family to Thunderbird Berry Farm in Broken Arrow. It was so nice to be outside, exploring, and away from all the hustle and bustle. It was the perfect place to get…

Picture of Ashley Lauren



Your day job just got cuter and comfier… No longer are you forced to kick your heels off under your desk, or strive to reach the keyboard while awkwardly being held back by your shoulder-straining blouse. This blazer jacket and…

Moodboard for your Adventurous Husband

11 Gifts for Your Adventurous Husband


There’s no doubt this has Jacob written all over it. He even helped me create this, which was fun (and probably the reason it’s so accurate). To be honest, Jacob and I don’t really do gifts for each other over…