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Image of Ashley Lauren Snyder for West Elm

Our Home: West Elm Feature

DESIGN, Interior Design, MY HOUSE

Good Morning! We’re starting the week off with some exciting news: OUR HOME IS FEATURED ON THE WEST ELM BLOG! Yay! We are very excited to share some well-styled updates with you, in partnership with West Elm Corporate and West…

Picture of Lookbook Fashion

A Favorite Pastime


I remember in high school I discovered Lookbook and I would stay up wayyyy too late on school nights and weekends being inspired by the different looks from people all over the world. I still find myself from time to…

Picture of Ashley Lauren

ALDSxSOPHIE – The Experience


I’ve had a lot of questions about our collaboration with Sophie of Joplin, Missouri so I wanted to share all the details with you about how it actually went down. Then, I want to encourage you to do the same….

Picture of Ashley Lauren



Your day job just got cuter and comfier… No longer are you forced to kick your heels off under your desk, or strive to reach the keyboard while awkwardly being held back by your shoulder-straining blouse. This blazer jacket and…