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God Is Our Primary Audience


Good Morning! I read this awesome devotion last night that really triggered something in my heart. You see, before I surrendered my business, I was my business. Let me explain…If my business was failing, I was failing. If my business…

Proverbs One

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I want my reading time to become less “devotional” and more scriptural. I spend, and have spent, a lot of my nights and mornings reading devotionals – whether through various books or on the YouVersion app. I truly love reading…

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God Guides You


Yesterday, I turned 24. What a weird number, not that it truly matters, but wow. I’m just excited. I love change, I love new beginnings, I love knowing I have purpose. I know God has a plan for me. I…

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Rest in His Love and Sovereignty


I had coffee with a friend this morning, and we talked a lot about patience through the unknown, obedience when we are called, and perseverance through His plan. This might be one of my favorite discussions. Maybe it’s because I’m in…