I can’t lie. I think it would be the coolest thing to get to go to New York Fashion Week. Until then, I will keep stalking all of the bloggers and sites I can to get the full virtual experience.

It’s true, I don’t know much about it, but I know that I love seeing the new collections of what the designers have come up with for the season. I embrace it, then find more affordable look-a-likes.

The thing I particularly love the most is the street style posts at the end of each day. These people rock. it. (Mental note: I could just go to NY for this and watch the show live online.)

Sometimes I wonder if they just walk around waiting for their picture to get taken (which is what I would do) or if they have designated spots where they secretly pose for the perfect shot, or perhaps, scheduled times to meet up by a garage or construction site (seems to be popular?). I don’t know. Doesn’t seem way off.

Boom. I love it. Seems like I’m really drawn to the blues this time around. I guess denim is exploding at the moment. Thanks, Madewell, I love you.

Also, since it’s almost Fall, I figured I should start “prepping” my wardrobe with the proper looks from the last show. Obviously, I needed to create these boards to equip my brain. Here’s some faves:

Yep. I’m officially all about Fall. Are you? Some scream, “YES!” Some angrily say “NOOOOOOOO (whiny-face emoji x 3).” It’s ok, I was indifferent there for a while too. If you aren’t ready now, hopefully my mood board will do the trick.

After all, mood boards change lives. Remember?


P.s. Style posts coming soon!