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I dream all the time. And I mean, all. the. time. Daydreams, night dreams, envisioning, painting, believing, trusting…you name it, I’ve dreamt it. This could be viewed negatively, but I really only see it in a positive light. I kind…

Image of colors and notes by Ashley Lauren Snyder

Less is More


Just some doodles + thoughts while drawing with Margo and holding a sleeping baby today. When you are less distracted and inundated with information, it frees up your mind to create things you’ve never seen before. To become inspired by…

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The Lord is My Banner


A banner is the standard that goes in front of an army with whom it represents. “The Lord is my Banner,” says we are God’s People and He is our God. One example of this in Scripture was when Joshua…

Mother holding a baby while working

Mundane Moments: Risen Motherhood


I recently read this devotion by Risen Motherhood and had to share. I’m certain it will make your heart swell as much as pregnancy does to my face:) “There is…one God and Father of all, who is over all, in…

Image of Ashley Snyder, 30 weeks pregnant

Life Without Social Media


“How’s life without social media?” Probably not what you think, but more than you believe. Ashley shares her heart on this controversial and confusing topic. Check it out! Can you relate?