A banner is the standard that goes in front of an army with whom it represents. “The Lord is my Banner,” says we are God’s People and He is our God. One example of this in Scripture was when Joshua and the Israelites were fighting the Amalekites in Exodus chapter 17. Moses was overseeing the battle from a nearby mountain, and would hold up his hands to God. When he did this, the Israelites were victorious in battle, but as soon as he put his hands down, they would begin to lose. God defeated the Amalekites through Israel that day. Moses built an altar and named it, “The LORD is my Banner.” Moses’ uplifted hands gave constant glory to God, indicating the battle was His and Israel belonged to Him. Israel came to know God in a deeper way as they experienced, “We are God’s people; the Lord is our Banner.”

What battle are you facing today? Are you raising your hands victorious in the Name of Jesus – knowing He’s carrying you through? Or are you finding comfort in trying to carry the burden yourself – putting yourself in the place of God? Allow Him to work in your life today. In a new, inspiring, and tangible way. A way that will leave you knowing, “only God could have done that.” Then give Him all the glory and praise, for it belongs to Him!

“I bless you with realizing that when God calls you to battle, he will be there with you and for you, and victory will lie in his hand, not your expertise or resources.” Sylvia Gunter

Note to self: You are not going to find the answers in your obsessive research and search for knowledge. God will call you to the battle and bless you with all you need because HE will receive the glory.

Wisdom vs. Knowledge…