Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen are the founders and lead designers ofmolo, an architecture and design studio based in Vancouver. They are dedicated to the experimentation and research of space-making at every scale.

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They are particularly partial to soft and flexible materials and have produced products, furniture and built projects that explore how architecture can be conceived as a formation of small, indivual parts to make a cohesive whole.

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Softroom is part of a series of concepts that led them to the making of softwall + softblock, softseating and softlight.

The main idea of softroom is to facilitate a reciprocal relationship between private and open space – allowing for a private place when needed and folding it away, giving the space back, when not. The softroom is currently under development.

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I would love to see and feel these beauties in person. Don’t you just want to run and bounce off of it?