Image of colors and notes by Ashley Lauren Snyder

Less is More


Just some doodles + thoughts while drawing with Margo and holding a sleeping baby today. When you are less distracted and inundated with information, it frees up your mind to create things you’ve never seen before. To become inspired by…

Kiamichi Mountain Trip by Ashley Lauren

Your Strength is Limited, God’s is Unlimited


“Are you tired? Some of you are running on steam. You’re tired a lot. At the end of the day, you’re worn out and you’re running out of energy, and the reason why is real simple: You’re a human being….

Unsplash - ALDS



Unsplash has been a go-to photo resource for me for quite some time now. It houses a ton of beautiful, high-resolution images that anyone and everyone can download for free! Literally. It’s incredible. You can even subscribe to their email…

Google Maps Image

Google Maps is Cool


I could spend hours and hours in Google Maps. Have you ever done that? It’s almost like I’m being transported there. It’s my secret to traveling the world, right from the office! It keeps me dreaming… 🙂 -ash Foster City, San…