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Inspired by this…


I’ve always been a huge fan of creatively styled photography – especially when it comes to fashion. There’s just so much emotion expressed within the images! I ran across the work of PER-TIM and had to share. Their style reminds…

Picture of a throw blanket

Gray Days


This whole week is set to be filled with gray days. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it. Sometimes I ask myself if I could really live in the Pacific Northwest, or Europe because we’re on day two of no sunshine…

Picture of Laguna Beach

ALDS TRAVELS / Laguna Beach


Ah, Laguna. Quite possibly my favorite place in SoCal… After our first night driving through, I was hooked. We actually ended up spending almost all of our evenings here. It’s so cute, beautiful and clean. You’re surrounded by adorable local…