Ah, Laguna. Quite possibly my favorite place in SoCal…

After our first night driving through, I was hooked. We actually ended up spending almost all of our evenings here. It’s so cute, beautiful and clean. You’re surrounded by adorable local shops, the beach, mountains and insanely cool art and architecture.

We stopped by this old record store (Dad’s favorite!) to browse around a little bit before dinner. Some kid came up to my Dad, and I believe the conversation went a little like this:

Kid: “Hey man, you like places like dis?”

Dad: “Yeah!”

Kid: “Right on dude so cool man. Yeah, it’s so nice seeing old people back in record stores ya know?”

Dad: “HA, yeah I like it”

Kid: Ah, sweet dude. Party all night.

Dad: “Alrighty” (Turns and looks at me with a blank stare –  kind of like the camera panning in on Jim’s face in The Office)

Haha, it’s hilarious because Dad always says he attracts the “weird ones.” I never realized how true that statement was until this trip. There were so many people that approached him and struck up conversations about the oddest things. He should probably write a book.

There were so many cute shops, restaurants, galleries and coffee spots. We really enjoyed just walking all around and seeing the different window displays, local art, architecture and interior accessories/fashion stores…especially at sunset.

Have you been to Laguna Beach before? What was your favorite part?

I hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays as smoothly as possible! We’re doing all handmade gifts this year, and I’m totally loving it. I’m excited to check out for a little bit and spend it with family! What are you guys doing?

Whatever it may be, I just want to thank you for stopping by and spending your morning reading time, lunch break, or evenings with me. I appreciate you all and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year (speaking of, I’ve got to get on my resolutions…I’ve only got one so far)!