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“God is at work transforming us into the kind of Jesus-followers who spread grace and appreciation and build up others in the Lord – a beautiful supernatural transformation! The next time someone hurts us – and they will – or we hurt someone – and we will – rather than hide from the pain and the shame, we can expose it to God’s light and experience healing. This is living out grace. This is living in hope and promise rather than returning to the old cycle we dwelt in so long.

Let’s see what God sees! Let’s focus on the freedom that is coming once we drop our old baggage. Let’s focus on where God is leading us. The next time all that bungee-cord shame comes flying back at you, take a moment to catch sight of the freedom to come when you slay that giant.

Remember that God brought you to this moment on purpose, to prepare you for your future.

Thank God for the challenge that exposed the giant. Declare your determination to follow, trust, and obey rather than running back to the wilderness to grumble and complain. Be confident that God will be faithful to lead you to complete freedom.

Freedom comes when we see ourselves as God sees us!

For when we see the victory ahead, when we see the freedom that is coming, we not only are willing to endure, but are eager to press forward to pick up that freedom.”

2 Corinthians 5: 11-21

Romans 6

Devotion taken from the YouVersion Bible Plan, Unashamed by Christine Cain