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I just started reading through the book of Job and am just so incredibly thankful for his example of faithfulness and praise while enduring the most excruciating, unimaginable sorrow. The book of Job teaches us that the way to live…

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Faith by Itself Isn’t Enough


Today, God showed me James, chapter 2. The timing is so right, I had to share. -ash James 2 NLT POVERTY AND GENEROSITY A Warning against Prejudice “My dear brothers and sisters, how can you claim to have faith in…

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Focus on Freedom


“God is at work transforming us into the kind of Jesus-followers who spread grace and appreciation and build up others in the Lord – a beautiful supernatural transformation! The next time someone hurts us – and they will – or…

Proverbs One

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I want my reading time to become less “devotional” and more scriptural. I spend, and have spent, a lot of my nights and mornings reading devotionals – whether through various books or on the YouVersion app. I truly love reading…

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Sometimes Anchors are Good


  “Ever been called a “boat anchor,” i.e., a dead weight that’s holding back someone else’s dreams? There’s always somebody in every organization who is a buzzkill, a complainer and foot-dragger, forever draining energy from the group. In that sense…