There is an insane beauty that arises from partnering with other companies. I’m starting to realize just how much I really love it. You see, I don’t just love the fashion and the style. I love the company. I love the small business competing (and winning) against all the larger ones that surround them. I love business and I love local. So, I love local businesses.

I recently partnered with Sophie, of Joplin, Missouri, to bring you 4-5 different looks that will keep you inspired in your wardrobe throughout the winter. I wanted to first show you an everyday outfit. One that keeps you comfortable through a casual work day, while maintaining its cuteness for a weekday dinner party away from the office.

I can’t get over that bag. And the jacket. And booties. Really, all of it. It’s admirable and playful, which isn’t always easy to maintain but something I’m particularly fond of. You’re keeping your structure, while adding in a splash of winter cheer. Can’t go wrong there!

We’re starting out cute/casual, and will get classier as we near the New Year (crazy, right?)! More looks coming! How do you feel about this one? Staple or no? -ash

SHOP THE LOOK! Janet Jacket / Big Buddha Bag / Plaid Shirt / Jeans / Restricted Booties

in collaboration with: sophie

photos by: lydia christine

hair by: alyssa sentlinger

art direction + makeup by: shaylea brown

location: downtown joplin