“There’s an old saying that if you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you can be sure he didn’t get there by himself. I don’t know of many successful people who aren’t like the turtle. They’ve taken responsibility and done the work, but others have provided ideas, mentoring, coaching, encouragement, and more. Avail yourself of the wisdom and help of others, and you’ll go farther faster.

Self-responsibility is the primary step toward a successful life. But engaging others and building mutually beneficial relationships will leverage everything you do.

Think of having regular conversations with the technology, business, and political leaders of our day. Consider the amazing things you could learn not just from reading and listening but also from engaging, asking questions, and discussing interests. We become greater by association, not just by being around other great people, but also by connecting with them.

As you think about ways to deepen engagement to improve, remember: others can help you get better, but they can’t make you get better. Their concern, aid, support, and encouragement can only benefit you when you are willing to do what is necessary to better your best.

“Don’t burn bridges” is good advice. Better advice is to “maintain bridges.”

Knowing what to ask is important.

Know who to ask is critical.


  1. Engaging Others Deepens Relationships

It is a blessing to improve and an even greater blessing to engage others in deeper, more meaningful relationships through learning and sharing ideas.

2. Engaging Others Creates Networks

A successful organization, at any size, is a network of talented and like-minded individuals. Those you engage personally become part of your extended network.

3. Engaging Others Saves Time

You can acquire knowledge from the success and failure of others. That will help you replicate their victories and hopefully avoid some of the things that lead to failure.

Some Rules of Engagement

  1. Start with who knows best.
  2. Solicit advice, ideas, and counsel.
  3. Engage more deeply and in a variety of ways.
  4. Form a mastermind group.
  5. Always pay for free advice.”

We can’t do our journey’s alone. We need the Lord as our leader, and an incredible support system surrounding us no matter what we are doing – owning/running a business, checking in patients, taking cash at a cash register, a mom/dad, grandma/grandpa, cook, blogger, etc. We need our network!

Who do you lean on for support? Who is your encourager? Who is giving you wisdom? We can’t do our journey’s alone. We need each other!

Think of your people, and reach out to them today!


Message taken from “3 Days to Maximizing Your Potential” by Mark Sanborn