How’s it going so far?! I have to say, I feel so. good. However, you may have noticed on snap (ashleylsnyder) that I haven’t done the ALDSWEAT consistantly, but I want to remind you that this is here for you whenever and wherever you want to do it. While, I may not be doing ALDSWEAT every day, I am finding different ways to be active every day; Whether it be aquatic exercises in the pool, brisk walks with Frank, Bootcamp at Guthrie Green or Barre, the important thing is finding ways to be active. It’s all a choice! Sometimes I just don’t look forward to a HIIT workout, in which case I will swap it out for a class or a run. Now, I may not see results as quickly as I would with sticking to Hillary’s plan, but I’m still choosing to be active. This really helps keep me motivated and not burnout. You know what I mean?

I have this problem where I like to go outside of the lines (ahem, break the rules). So, I don’t necessarily love a plan because it’s so predictable? I like surprises. Haha, I’m sure that doesn’t make sense, but this is why I’ve got to switch up the workouts to keep me moving and motivated, and focused on making this thing a lifestyle and not a “go-hard-quit-hate-myself” type thing. However, I’m so thankful for these plans and the convenience of printing off the sheets for the week and rocking it out when I make the time. Let’s dive in! I’m so excited to be incorporating weights into this week! -ash


Explanations below:

Week 4: *Weighted exercises*

Day 1-

Single let squats x 10 each leg (hold a dumbbell or kettlebell for added resistance, if desired)

Push up with row x 10 (push up with light dumbbells, when you get to the “up” position of the

Hip Flexion in bridge position x 10 each leg (hold the “up” position of the bridge exercise.

extend one leg and, while keeping it straight, raise it up and down)

Frontal raise/lateral raise x 10 each (use light dumbbells. Keeping your arms straight and

push up, perform a row with each arm)

palms always facing down, raise your arms straight out to the front, return arms to

side, then raise arms out to side. Never raise higher than shoulder height)

Straight leg sit ups x 10

Jump rope 1:00

*Complete 3-4 rounds depending on your fitness level. Take little to no break in

between exercises and rounds.

Day 2-

Cardio- Jog for 5-10 minutes and stretch for a warm up

Stairs: Find a gymnasium/stadium that has plenty of stairs. Either run up and down the

same flight of stairs or ‘weave’ through the different flights (up one flight, jog to

the next flight and run down) every 3 times running up and down, sprint 100m.

Perform this activity for 30-40 minutes

– 4 sets of 30 repetitions each: (abs stay the same as last week for consistency. Although I

replaced ‘russian twist’ with ‘bicycles’ since you will be doing weight Russian Twists on

day 3!)

Straight leg crunches

Mountain climbers

Side plank (30” each side)

Leg raises


Day 3- Band work- find a resistance band that is moderate resistance

Squats x 15 (stand on the band with both feet, about shoulder width apart. Hold the handles

of the band at your shoulders while you perform squats)

Chest fly x 15 (find a pole/tree/etc to wrap the band around. Stand facing away from the pole

and, keeping your arms straight, bring arms out to side at shoulder height, and then

bring palms together)

Lateral walk x 15 each direction (step on band with both feet, cross the band in front of you

creating an ‘X’. Take large side steps, feeling the resistance on the outside of your hips)

Bicep curls x 15 (Step on the band with one or both feet. Palms facing up, perform bicep curls

as you would if you were holding dumbbells)

Trunk rotation x 10 each direction (wrapping the band around a pole/tree/etc. Face sideways

with your arms straight at chest height, holding the band. Using your core, rotate 90

degrees. Turn and face the opposite direction and repeat)

*Complete 3-4 rounds depending on your fitness level. Take little to no break in

between exercises and rounds.