You guys, Kara Underwood knows what’s up and she is graciously sharing THREE beautiful, free, desktop downloads with us. It’s the perfect color combos to get us out of the January blues, and into a motivated mindset! After all, we’ve got new goals to reach, right?

Take it away, Kara! -ash

Hey guys! Here’s a bit about me: I am currently an Art Director at an advertising agency called Elkins Design in Bentonville, AR. I also do freelance graphic design every chance I get. I’ve always loved sketching and painting and was introduced to graphic design when I was about 15 and fell in love with it. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life (at this moment in time anyway; you never know). Some people will talk about how their job is a constant drain of their energy and emotions, and while I completely get that all jobs can be draining from time to time, designing truly fuels me and brings me so much joy. I am so grateful that the Lord provided me with this passion. Clients come to you with a problem and are relying on you to come up with a visual solution to influence an audience in one way or another, and that is just really exciting to me! ? I think it’s also really important to work on your own projects; just whatever random thing pops into your head, spill it out into the world and share it.

What are your current favorite trends? 
I’m really loving the inclusion of watercolor textures. Watercolor is so free and random. It’s very soft but expressive. I’m also loving the brush lettering trend.

Sweet! What are your short-term goals? 
Short term goals…I’m working on presenting my work with more confidence. It can be difficult to “sell” your design even when you have complete confidence in the work.

What about long-term?

In 5-10, I’d like to be a creative director at a creative agency. And I’d also like to push myself into trying out a big city for a while. I love my small town of Bentonville but I want to expand and try a new area for a while. Somewhere with a big art scene hopefully.


Kara Underwood for ALDS

Kara Underwood for ALDS

Kara Underwood for ALDS