It’s been almost five months. Here’s why…

It all started on a Sunday morning in a hotel room in Waco, Texas while Jacob was there on business. I had tons of time, and decided to devote it to reading and listening to God’s Word.

I had been going through a sermon series by Chip Ingram called, Good to Great. Don’t listen to it if you don’t want God to speak to you. This sermon series is all about how “good” Christians play the part – go to church, serve, fellowship, etc. But, GREAT Christians go above and beyond the call of duty. Great Christians are ready for action, surrendering daily, digging/meditating on God’s Word. Great Christians live out their faith with purpose. I want to be a Great Christian.

There are certain practices available to every believer, at every maturity level, to move us from good to great, in God’s Eyes.

Through Chip’s sermon series, he talked a lot about loving the Dream-giver more than the dream. There’s no life until there’s death. Death to fear, death to anxiety, death to money, death to self. *SMACK*

I realized one of my greatest fears is not living up to God’s plan that he has for my life. I fear that I will miss what he has in store for me because I will be so caught up and busy in growing my business, fulfilling my passions and desires. So, God, what can I do, how can I prevent missing the mark – How can I live to the full potential that you designed for me?





Surrender, Ashley. Surrender everything to me. I need all of you in order to work and move in and through you in mighty and powerful ways. You see, big or small things, I need it all. If you keep clinging to your plans, then there’s no room for me to work mine. Sure, it’ll all work out some way or another, but my plan is so much better for you. My plan is eternal.

Yes, God. I hear you. I choose to surrender all to you. Lord you know the desires of my heart. I choose to delight myself in you. Lord, make your passions and desires, my passions and desires. Take complete hold of my heart, mind and life.

This is not easy, Lord, but for some reason it actually kind of is.. That’s you. I know it’s a peace that can only come from you.

Monday morning: Emails sent out to all clients sharing my experience and my heart. Believing or unbelieving clients, they all heard the same message. Here it is:

“I’m writing you this morning with an honest, and open heart. God has really been working on me lately and He has put on my heart that I need to surrender ALDS (my business) to Him so that He can have all of me and move in and through me in mighty ways. He’s taught me, where there are no risks, there is no faith. I don’t want to give up on the business because I’m comfortable with it. But, where there is no faith, there is no pleasing God. 
Great Christians take radical steps of faith. They go ALL IN with their finances, ALL IN with their reputation, ALL IN with their hearts, lives, businesses, selfishness. Faith involves risks. I need to rejuvenate my faith and refocus my fear on God and not the world. I need to remember who the Lord of my life is! God’s love isn’t realized until we take radical steps of faith! 
So, I’m choosing to say YES. I’m choosing to sacrifice my distractions and what it is that’s keeping me from Him. I’m choosing to trust him and have faith, knowing that He has a plan! 
I’m so sorry for where this puts us. I realize the timing is not good, but I don’t think there ever would be a good time? Haha. 
I’m sorry this is all through email, but I wanted to be sure I explained myself clearly, and I tend to only be able to do that in writing instead of through speech. Please call me if you have any questions or anything! 
I’m not sure where God is leading me to next, but I know He has a plan. Thank you so much for your time, and your heart. I know you will understand, and I’m so thankful for that….”

I was secretly hoping that’s all that God needed from me and that I could get back on track where I was, but that just hasn’t seemed to be the plan.

You see, I’ve always been a big picture thinker. I’ve always been busy. From the time I turned 16, I immediately got two jobs. I carried that for a while, and then started my business through college. I’ve always had a main “thing” and then had to do something on the side.

I thrive when I’m busy. I thrive when I’m in groups and teams.

This is just such a tough phase of life for me. As a student, we live our entire lives in semesters and then boom, you graduate and here you go. What are you going to do?

Oh how I LOVE the people who graduate and know exactly what it is they are meant to do and LOVE it. If that’s you, just know you are a huge inspiration to me!

Friends, if you are in the same boat I am, I have a message for you today. A message that God continually has to remind me of, in the waiting.

Don’t trade-in something amazing for something that’s so-so. Don’t fall into the “so-so” and miss out on the amazing thing that God has for you.

I realized how selfish my thoughts had become. How consumed (and still am) with my future, and what I want(ed) it to look like. I knew I needed to put my attention on God as the source!

Let’s remember to take ourselves off of the throne of our lives and put God there.

God’s Word is perfect. It has the power to restore, make wise, and give joy. Godly individuals love God’s Word. It sheds light on their paths and keeps them from sin. God’s word accomplishes its purpose and remains relevant forever.

It is well, Friends. It is well.