Hi! We have officially entered the month of July. Also known as, the super insanely hot summer month for us here in the Midwest. It’s time to get those rusted patio furniture pieces in check. Here is a simple way to turn those unwanted hand-me downs into a bright fix that will leave you throwing all kinds of backyard BBQ’s! 😉

1. Here are the items you need:

-Painter’s Tape: This can be used if you would like to paint multiple colors and create designs on your furniture. (Not pictured)

-Valspar outdoors spray paint (whatever color you like)

-Course sandpaper pad

-Rust-Oleum clean metal primer

2. Start by observing the piece of furniture you would like to restore.

3. Sand the piece of furniture to level out the paint and clear up rust spots.

4. Rust-Oleum that thing like you’ve never Rust-Oleum’d before!

5. Now let’s get to the fun part: COLOR!

Start by flipping the table over. Paint the underside, let dry, flip back over and spray the rest. This allows you to get all of the crevices before getting the full coverage on top.

Boom! Now start styling and admiring that pop of color that creates a whole new look for your patio.

Next step: Throw a BBQ party! 🙂