This month, we’ve partnered with Abby Jones of AbbyAbbyAbby! She says she is “a recent transplant to the Twin Cities from Michigan.” She is a graphic designer by day, blogger by night and foodie during meal time.

Abby says she tries to focus on confidence, self love and living a life that is true to you within each of her pieces. She uses hand drawn imagery and lettering as a way to connect personally with each message. Her hope is that each piece feels like a love letter, written to anyone who sees it.

Please welcome Abby Jones to ALDS, and enjoy these free desktop downloads!

Wink Logo





Abby also runs a successful online shop where she applies her designs to everyday products. Check it out!

I love these! I’m currently rocking the “Embrace the Day” screen at work, and “Wink” at home. Which is your favorite?



**click image + drag to desktop + right click to set as desktop wallpaper**