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Spring has Sprung!


The breeze is warmer, the sun seems to shine brighter, the trees are blooming and the grass is a full blanket underneath our bare feet. It’s here! Juicing, sourdough, popsicles, weekend trips, hikes, picnics, bike rides, trampoline, sprinklers, birthdays, late-night…

Kiamichi Mountain Trip by Ashley Lauren

Kiamichi Mountain Escape


Our trip to the Oklahoma, Ouachita Mountains was nothing short of amazing. We escaped with family to the Kiamichi Mountain Villa that is fully equipped for at least 8 people. Everything was incredibly clean, coffee pots were ready for brewing,…

#ALDSWEAT | Week Two


“Hey guys! This week, we are doing the same workout plan, but are trying to finish 1 more complete round. Maybe add a light 5-10 minute jog either before or after your workout for a little extra cardio boost! Featuring…

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The Weekend


I’m so excited. Jacob is currently on his last Fall Break EVER! So, I’m taking the day off and we’re heading to Beaver Lake for a nice little getaway. No schedule. No plans. Just me, him, some family and the…