“Hey guys!

This week, we are doing the same workout plan, but are trying to finish 1 more complete round. Maybe add a light 5-10 minute jog either before or after your workout for a little extra cardio boost!

Featuring all body weight exercises for time:

  • Performing exercises for time will allow you to focus on your form and technique rather than trying to get all of the repetitions in as quickly as you can – which can lead to poor form and potential injury. So, beginning with body weight exercises for time are a great way to ease into a fitness program.
  • Every exercise can be modified for your fitness level and goals ALWAYS. Don’t try and do something you can’t and risk an injury.
  • 2 total body workout and 1 cardio/core workout
  • Incorporating another day or 2 of cardio is great depending on your fitness level – listen to your body!
  • Always perform a warm up and cool down with stretching techniques before and after your workout – this will help to prevent sore muscles
  • Always drink PLENTY of water!

This week we are also featuring a yummy sweet potato hash that is perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner!

Download the WORKOUT:


Download the RECIPE:

Sweet Potato Hash

Keep up the great work, you guys! Please post your progress on social media channels, and share them with us by using the hashtag, #ALDSWEAT!”

-Hillary Dickey, Personal Trainer – Pinamonti Wellness