Today was filled with flights, beaches, architecture, and the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. (devoured before pictured, sorry)

Also, my Dad is a President+CEO turned model. Watch out.

We started off walking Newport Beach – up, down and up again. My favorite thing thus far? Besides the weather, it’s the architecture. I’m so inspired everywhere I look. Each and every single building/home is completely different from the one next to it. Hallelujah.


Totally kidding. This one below is mine, though. Well, one of them. There’s three total.

I love this walking/bike trail that allowed us to move closely alongside each and every home. This trail went for miles and miles each direction. If I ever lived here, I like to think I would be so fit. Or I REALLY would have zero excuses not to be.

Perfect weather, perfect trails. You could never be bored.

After walking Newport Beach and grabbing lunch at the Pizza Bar, we headed to Laguna beach!

The views, the homes. Oh my heart….

Don’t worry, I made sure to take some time to visit my BFF, Lauren Conrad. LC, I call her.

After Laguna, we headed to Huntington Beach for smoothies at Duke’s, local surf shops, and pier walking.

We haven’t even scraped the surface. This place is gorgeous, and the weather is unreal.

Now I’m just hanging out watching Tarek and Christina which creates a whole new perspective knowing we are in the same neighborhood. Right now. As I type.

You should try it! Go to the city where your favorite show is filmed and then watch it on tv in that city. So different. Haha.

You guys, thanks so much for following along. Your comments/shares/likes mean the world to me! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your week. Hang in there, tomorrow is Friday!