I recently tried the “7 days for $10” at Revved Fitness on Brookside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Let me rephrase that, I actually started out with the “First Class Free” and quickly converted into the “7 days for $10” option because it was that good.

You see, I’ve been active my whole life: gymnastics for 11 years, softball my entire childhood, dance in high school and one year in college, etc. But, other than that, I never took the time to really get in a good strength and conditioning workout. And, while I’ve tried over the years, I’ve never found something that I loved so much I actually looked forward to going back. Not to mention, something that pushed me to go so much further than I ever thought I could. It’s a miracle!

Let’s break it down: A REVVED workout is a one-of-a-kind, high-tech, high-intensity group training session broken into short intervals of strength and cardio training over 60-minutes. This result is “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption” (EPOC) allowing you to burn 500 – 1,000 calories during your workout. Each class starts out with a 10-minute stretching routine, and then half the class starts cardio (bicycles or rowing – no treadmills here!) while the other half starts strength training. I love the switch, and that’s partly why an hour goes by so fast because you can choose to get cardio or strength out of the way and then halfway through, switch.

You’ll notice there’s screens in the middle of the room with everyone’s heart-rates on them. The heart-rate monitor that you receive at the beginning of each class (or purchase) is the foundation of keeping you in the right zone through real-time monitoring of your workout. This helps improve your workout efficiency and increase your metabolism. They teach you how to use fat as fuel!

What’s most impressive is that you can actually make it through a 60-minute high-intensity workout without dying. I’m living proof!

What I honestly love most is the people. They immediately know you and call you by name, they remember conversations you had several days before, and follow-up with you on how everything is going. It’s truly impressive.


This post was in partnership with REVVED Fitness of Tulsa, Oklahoma. All thoughts and opinions are my own.