There’s no doubt about it, Encaustic tile is officially trending.

And I’m kind of loving every minute of it.

But, the real question is…is it here to stay?

Some scream, “YES!” While others are all, “You’re just going to get sick of it.”

Like all “trends,” it comes and goes and these little beauties just happen to give me major heart eyes at the moment.

However, I believe, this is more than just a craze. According to history, these guys date way back to the 1850’s and are still widely used across Europe and America.

Honestly, when you pull designs from history, they are bound to last longer and become more timeless than a current pattern trend (ahem, chevron) because they have some sort of foundation to pull from…You know, less like an infatuation and more like an actual design aesthetic that mimics some historical reference.

The style or pattern, possibly color selection, may not give you heart palpitations for 20 years, but it’s not going to be totally diminished. The material and concepts have been around since dinosaurs, and will continue to be here – just in different forms. It’s seriously so well-crafted (by hand!) that it’s impossible not to appreciate!



images via pinterest